Dental Bonding

Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that allows Dr. Chin and team to reshape or repair your smile using composite resin. Cosmetic bonding is particularly ideal if you’re insecure about the appearance of your smile or want an affordable alternative to invasive and more costly procedures such as orthodontics or veneers. With bonding, chipped or uneven teeth can be repaired easily and affordably, restoring your self-confidence. Additionally, bonding is often completed in a single visit and doesn’t require any anesthetic! 

Dental Bonding is very durable and typically lasts many years providing you with an amazing smile and confidence for life.  

Reasons for cosmetic bonding:

  • Closing spaces or gaps
  • Fixing chipped teeth
  • Fixing decayed teeth (teeth with cavities)
  • Lengthening uneven teeth
  • Protecting roots exposed by receding gums
  • Restoring badly discolored teeth

What does dental bonding involve?

To begin, the dentist will isolate the teeth included in the procedure, etching them in preparation for bonding.  After applying the etching conditioning liquid, the surface of the teeth will have small crevices that allow the tooth stronger adhesion with the bonding agent. 

Dr. Chin and team will then apply a bonding resin which cements the composite in place.  After several layers of tooth-colored composite are applied, the composite and bonding resin are shaped and hardened with a specially calibrated light.  Once the composite is fully set, the bonded areas are smoothed, buffed, and polished to blend in naturally with the surrounding teeth. 


The Cedar Hills Dental Care team will start by mapping out a plan based on the symmetry of the face that works to correct any defects that prevent you the patient from having a beautiful smile. Dr. Chin and her team aim to fix imperfections, disfigured teeth, chipped teeth, irregular placement and any dental problems or facial feature improvements that need to be addressed.


Improvement in Self Confidence.

As we all know that an ounce of confidence can do wonders in a person’s life and having a perfect smile can greatly affect the way people interact and converse. A radiant smile can enhance all areas of life from work to personal and everything in between. For 29 years we at Cedar Hills Dental Care have been creating amazing smiles in Beaverton & SW Portland, let us help you and your family.

For more information about Cedar Hills Dental Care Bonding & Makeovers please contact the office of Chris Chin DMD for a free consultation.


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